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Welcome to the New! clan Death web site. Here you will find, Event listings, Forums and General out of game chat/notification facilities. Any suggestions for the site mail me :D
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shaitan_118, Jan 17, 12 7:23 PM.

Some good news guys and girls we have a leadership posistion available in clan this will be a SUB leadership permission it does give you the right to kick but now as you see fit so with it comes a lil responsibility as well as  a lil bit of power to go with it

How can you get this??

RECRUIT new members! use the forums to count the members you have registered and the one with the most people registered on the website WINS

Rules are

NO spam recruiting it looks bad on the clan and i will warn once and then kick for repeat offenders. It makes the clan look nooby

second is ensure that they want to join and dont poach from other clans unless they ask to join

other than that GAME ON!

(closing date for the event and date votes will be counted and the prize awarded is march 1st 2012 new members MUST post on clan forums and state who recruited them for them to be successfully counted toward your total)

First clan meeting!

shaitan_118, Jan 2, 12 1:28 PM.
The first clan meeting went well! though not many attended most seemed excited about the upcoming changes and the new clan web site and most importantly CLAN EVENTS!!

Summery of clan meeting topics

Matrim (back for good?) yes i am back for good and mean to lead the clan in a positive direction and knock PoB off the top spot in alsius GM serpentius said "PoB IS alsius" yeah well not anymore now we're here we're going to stay and we're going to be a force to be reckoned with!

Clan ranks and the "servant rank" - Basically clan ranks are near enough final (apart from the expel ranks) and thus you cannot have a personal rank we are just too big im sorry, however we will take suggestions for new ranks should everyone agree (though try to keep them serious and within the clan aesthetic). The "servant" rank is here by a rank that you have to prove yourself to get out of, this rank can be given to members with poor conduct too as they would need to prove themselves fit for their rank!

Leaders - Current leaders are Matrim and Baby Cakes. As leaders we will deal with any issues in clan as well as reserve the right to demote or kick any member in clan though we also can reward players with promotion and leadership. We URGE players to nominate and apply to become a leader as both myself and Baby Cakes are working full time we need people to apply you can do this VIA THE FORUM!

Clan website - as clan has grown and a few members have suggested this forum has been brought about by popular demand, and ask and you shall recieve!

Clan events - to spice up the game myself and a few others will be organising clan events! anyone with any suggestions answers on a postcard please or alternatively pm myself or Baby Cakes

Web Site Live

shaitan_118, Jan 1, 12 5:26 PM.
The web site goes live guys and a very exciting time this has been for clan we've grown exponentially thank you to those with your recruiting hats on!

Have a look around get acquainted and tell me what you think :D any suggestions give me a pm and i'll look into it

- Matrim
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